DCI Industries

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Employment with DCI Industries

Employment with DCI Industries will be a challenging and rewarding path but it will not be for everyone.

Please read through this page if you fell that you would like to apply for a position with DCI Industries.

What we do

  • Electrical trade work
  • Lighting design and installation
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Fault finding and problem solving
  • Phone and data systems
  • Customer service

What we require from you

  • Diligence
  • Honesty
  • Respect towards staff and clients
  • Hard working
  • Trustworthy
  • Pride in your work and personal presentation
  • Competent verbal and written communication skills
  • Current drivers licence

What we offer in return

  • Skills training through recognised courses
  • Expanding your existing skill set
  • Promotion
  • Varied work environments
  • A performance based pay system where you can increase your income based on your own performance. 
  • We trust all of our employees to be the face and hands of our business. We trust you with our equipment and our clients. 

What is performance based pay?

Performance based pay is a system where an employee is employed on a casual basis with no fixed hours set each day. Jobs will be scheduled for specific times during a work day but these jobs can often be moved to suite the work situations of each day to accommodate the working team. For most residential work, a team will be 2 people (a tradesperson and an apprentice or TA). It is the responsibility of the tradesperson or senior team member to arrange the day for the team. 

Where performance based pay comes in.  DCI Industries performance based pay system is based on payment for hours invoiced, not hours worked. 

How does that work?  If a job is quoted for 3 hours but you get the work done in 2 then you are paid at your set hourly rate for the 3 hours that are invoiced. If a job is quoted for 3 hours and at the 2 hour mark you know that the job will take an additional 2 hours on top of the quote to complete, then you need to get a variation approved by the customer for the additional work. With the variation we can invoice for the 5 hours so you get paid for 5 hours. If the work is done under a "do and charge" arrangement then you will be paid for every hour that you work. If you attend a job that has been quoted for 3 hours but you don't get enough work done in the three hours and it actually takes 4 hours then you will only be paid for the 3 hours that you were able to invoice for.

This system of performance based pay allows an employee to work as many or as few hours that they like. Your employment contract will state an average number of hours that you are expected to work each week. This figure can be negotiated if required. 

Performance based pay is a direct reward for working hard but it is also a safeguard for our business from those people who wish to get a free ride. If each employee is not profitable then our business can not survive. 

Current positions available

Position: Electrician

Hourly Rate: $35hr - $50hr

We are looking for a trade qualified electrician. The hourly rate will be negotiated on experience and skill set of the individual. Experience in electrical construction, domestic electrical and solar would be preferable but not necessary. Your duties would include working in all trade related aspects of our business from customer service to fault finding and maintenance as well as electrical design and installation of new and existing installations. You would be required to be and remain proficient in electrical testing procedures and electrical calculations such as voltage drop, fault loop impedance, cable sizing and general electrical design relevant to the work you are undertaking. We require our tradespeople to be skilled and proficient in their work and always willing to increase their skills where possible. 

Position: Trades Assistant (TA)

Hourly Rate: $25hr - $38hr

We are looking for a Trade Assistant (TA) who will assist our electricians in general trade duties. For suitable employees there may be the option of undergoing a mature aged electrical apprenticeship. As a TA your role would be to assist our qualified electricians as they need. For much of the electrical trade, a second pair of hands can increase productivity and reduce the difficulty of many tasks. You will need to have good communication skills, practical knowledge and the ability to work as part of a team. 


If you would like further information regarding any of the positions listed above, please email:


with a copy of your resume and a cover letter which outlines your skills and abilities as well as a written description of how your potential employment with DCI Industries would provide meaningful benefit to our business as well as to you as the employee. 


"The ability to learn is unique to the individual but without the willingness to increase in ones learning, stupidity has already set in 

but for the one who desires to learn, there is no limit to the skills that can be mastered."